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Lazy Brown Dog

In Our Home


Live Out has your dogs live with one of our trainers during the duration of your vacation. Each package includes two, 1 hour walks for each dog as well as one on one cuddles and love given daily for each dog. Maximum of 4 dogs per visit.

1 Through 15 Days


16 Through 30 Days


Additional Dog     $35.00/$30.00

Cute Happy Dog

In Your Home


Live In has one of our trainers stay at your home during the duration of your vacation (dependent on availability) or visit your home 3 times a day (morning, mid day and evening) with a walk mid day. Cuddles and love given daily for each pet with one on one time.

1 Though 15 Days


16 Through 30 Days


Additional Dog     $35.00/$30.00

Caressing a Cat

Small Animal


​With the Small Pet Vacation Pass, a trainer visits your home daily for feeding, litter cleaning, cuddles and love given for each pet. Includes 2 of the same species.

1 Through 15 Days


16 Through 30 Days


Additional Small Pet     $15.00



Taking the dog for a walk

Private Walk


Private walks with your dog has them spoiled with one on one time. Choose from a neighborhood walk with leash behavioral coaching for an hour or a half hour stroll.

1 Hour Walk

Half Hour Walk



Additional Dog     $20.00

Dog Walker

Pack Walks


Does your dog need more socialization? This is perfect way to build up confidence in your dog. Or simply just need to run? Then meet the Wolf Pack!

1 Hour Pack Walk

1.5 Hour Pack Walk



Additional Dog     $20.00

Dog Running in Water

Monthly Walk


This Monthly Walk Pass allows your dog to go out during the week Monday through Friday, all month long (4 weeks). Walks are 30 to 60 minutes (dependent on weather) are with the pack (20% savings).

4 Weeks

Additional Dog



$24.00 per Walk



Puppy on the Beach

Puppy Class


Puppy Basics Pack Class works on puppy skills like sit, come and stay, basic manners, socialization with people and other dogs as well as leash walking. Class dates will be announced as classes arise and will be posted below.

7 Week Course - 1 Week for Intro


Happy Dog

Behavioral As.


In this hour behavioral assessment, we will meet with you and your dog. We examine what your roles are in the home as well as what needs to change. You will receive a synopsis of what we recommend for training as well as changes in the home.

1 Hour Assessment


Happy Puppy

One on One


If your dog needs some one on one training, this service is for you. If you are introducing your dog to a new family member or to a fur family member, needing some help walking at a heel with no pulling or just basic coaching, we are here to help.

1 Hour Session            Travel Cost

$60.00        $20.00

Travel Outside 20 km Range of Head Office

Additional Services


Smartphone Holder

Taxi Service

Additional Services

Don't have time to run to the vets, groomers, or other transportation needs, have piece of mind that we have that covered (1 Hour Service). 

20 km or Less        Additional Kilometers

$30.00        $0.54/km


Waste Removal

Additional Services

Weekly Waste Removal in your yard for one dog. Add on to any walk package.

1 Dog                             Additional Dog

$15.00        $5.00

Front Door

Home Check In

Additional Services

While you are away for a night, or a few days with your pets, have a piece of mind that your home is taken care of. Light rotation and much more.

Per Day


Black Dog


Additional Services

Reiki Session allows natural healing of your pet. Reiki is recommended for treating pain, anxiety and sometimes behavioral issues.

30 Minutes                    60 Minutes

$50.00        $85.00

Homemade Remedies


Additional Services

Essential Oils topical ointments for pets with chronic pain and low mobility. We also provide aromatherapy to alleviate stress and anxiety.

Application Assessment           Ointment

$30.00            $60.00


Bird Services

Additional Services

Does your family members have feathers? Nail trims to feather clipping, we have you covered!

Up to 30 Minutes


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