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Joyce, Patrick and Margo

September 2018

"Thank you so much again for taking care of the fur kids Alex. I can tell how much they love you and know that you only give 100% and treat them like your own. I would have never found that tumor on Margo if you didn’t have me go check it out. We are so grateful for you and to have you watch our fur babies while we’re away. Thank you, thank you, and thank you for all you have done and continue to do. You are the best at what you do and I will continue recommending people to you, as 100% you’re the best! Thanks again Alex."

Jonnie Danes

July 2018

"So much love for Beyond Four Paws and the lovely ladies behind it! Flew Alexandra out to BC to care for our Danes while we went away on business. I would HIGHLY recommend them and never had one worry."

Caitlin and Jasper

May 2018

"I can not say anything but good things about Beyond Four Paws!!! Excellent communication, great personality and my Jasper absolutely loves her!! She was very good with him and I got lots of updates. I was urgently admitted to hospital and she stepped up and helped me out to let him out to pee as he was staying at hospital with me, I CANNOT THANK THIS LOVELY LADY ENOUGH!!! Highly recommend her! She’s our new dog walker now!"

Krista and Sadie

March 2018

"The only place in Calgary I trust. 10/10 would recommended"


February 2018


"Beyond Four Paws makes my heart beat a magnificent rhythm. Thank you for all that you do! I highly recommend their services!!

Josh, Lucy and Judith

February 2018


"Alex is amazing! No where better in Calgary then Beyond Four Paws! Highly recommend!!"

Cody and Ben

December 2017

"Nobody will care for your pet more then these ladies. My English bully Ben loves his aunties whom own the store! I'll never go elsewhere now, knowing that my boy will be not only be looked after as far as product goes but loved during his time in the store."

Mike and Pearl

2018 Logo Black.png

December 2017

"Best service and prices in the City. Alexandra is amazing at what she does!"

Holly, Moose and Meeka

moose meeka_edited.jpg

November 2017

"Alex is amazing with our two Danes! She has taken them on short notice, able to stop by our place when an emergency arose and administered our boys meds countless of times. They always love seeing 'Auntie Alex'! Also the best rates around (especially with multiple dogs)."

Paige, Bubbles and Summer

July 2017

"Amazing . She took my dogs short notice, and sent me pics while I was on vacation."

Bobby and Lig

May 2017

"Amazing service and care of my pets. From my reptiles to my dogs. 10 star."

Victoria and Suzi

May 2017

"Beyond Four Paws has exceptional pet care and I highly recommend them. Alexandra is very knowledgeable and is a great asset to have on your dogs team. She truly cares and treats all dogs as if they are her own. I wish I could give more than 5 stars. They are absolutely amazing at what they do."

Jenn and The Crew

November 2016

"Having 5 dogs and a cat (6 pets in total) makes it extremely difficult and expensive to go on vacation, not to mention being worried your furkids are being looked after by someone you trust. Alexandra checked in with me, sent pictures of my pack and took the worry of how my fur family were doing off my plate. I have a small car so packing up 5 dogs, their food, beds, etc was not an option. Having my dogs and cat in their home where they are comfortable, safe and have their routine made me leaving and coming home like I had never left...after a 12 hour drive the last thing I wanted to do was unload my vehicle and pack it up with my pack and unload it again. THANK YOU ALEXANDRA!!! I would definitely recommend Beyond Four Paws to anyone that has a large pack, dogs that get stressed out in kennels, or just want to simply leave on vacation and come back with out having to run around to the vet/pack food/etc."

Stephanie and Nicte

August 2016

"If I could leave more than 5 stars, I would! I was heading out of town a couple weeks ago and had no idea where to put my foster (there were no fosters left at the rescue I volunteered with) who I was going to be adopting soon enough. I was also nervous because she is reactive, anxious, needy, and basically a princess. Alex & Kelly offer in home check ups, as well as boarding at their home. I thought maybe for the sake of her anxiety and reactivity that maybe she should just stay at my place and have check ups, but I was assured that regardless of her reactivity, for her it would be fine. Alex watched Nicte from Thursday to Monday and sent me exciting updates but assured me everything was fine so I could enjoy my trip. Which I did! I had piece of mind not worrying about the quality of care, if she was getting exercise, if she was getting love and if she was safe.Nicte ended up making friends with one of the dogs that were there! I could hardly believe it but there was photo evidence. When she came back to me on Monday night, she was calm, and not anxious... in just a few days she had taken so many steps forward thanks to Alex!!! I am a first time dog owner and learning a lot still (I grew up with rescues that didn't need training or help) and both Alex & Kelly have been great helping with training, nail trims, tips / advice, anything first time dog owners should know (and dog owners in general), and dog nutrition (they found me A GREAT brand of food that costs me $32 every two months, which she loves, instead of the $300 a month food my vet wanted her to be on where she saw no benefits and absolutely hated). Nicte also is learning to like people (and not cower / shy away), and she loves these girls <3 if I have Alex on speaker phone, or we are visiting Kelly at the pet store she's alert and her tail is wagging. Honestly, for anything dog related I would say that Alex & Kelly are basically your one stop shop."

Terry and Deek

March 2016

"I've taken my dog, Deek to Kelly and Alex for nail trims, which he hates! But they make it a good experience for him. They both truly care about making your pet and yourself feel comfortable. I'd recommend any of their services. They are great!"

Alexandra, Tyler and Bear

April 2016

"Alex and Kelly are great!! I have a fearful dog who doesn't trust very many people, but he loves the twins!! He warmed up to them so quickly it shocked me! As we all know dogs are a great judge of character !"


April 2016

"Beyond Four Paws Is Amazing With Animals And They Have The Best Rates And Amazing Service Alexandra Is Incredible With the Animals And Takes The Time To Understand Yours And Your Pets Needs Amazing Service And Excellent Trainers I Highly Recommend Them"

KC and Charlie

March 2016

"It was very stressful leaving Charlie as he was just diagnosed with diabetes. But Alex put my mind at ease! The daily updates and pictures really helped! I would highly recommend Alex and Beyond Four Paws!!"

Shauna and Thai

March 2016

"I was thoroughly impressed with our first puppy class yesterday with beyond 4 paws ! Alexandra is outstanding and really took the time to make sure she understood everyone's needs and wants when it comes to training. She exceeded my expectation and I can't wait until next week !"

Troiane, Deklyn and Yahmmi

March 2015

"I've brought my dog (Deklyn) to Alex for nail trimming and she is so good with him (he hates nail trims!). She is quick and makes it as good of an experience as possible. I'm greatful to have someone that is so good with my dog(s)."

Aaryn and The Trio

February 2016

"Thank you for all the care and love you give my babies each and everyday!"

Britt and Jaxx

February 2016

"After my experience, I wouldn't trust my baby with anyone else. Alex took care of my puppy when I was out of town. He came down with a sever ear infection prior to me leaving. Alex knew exactly how to administer the antibiotics and made me feel comfortable leaving him with her. I've never met such dog friendly people. Love love love!"

Brittany, Kush and Honey

January 2016

"Kelly and Alexandra were both absolutely AMAZING with my two, One of which is fearful around new people, they took the time to get to know him, and now he always looks forward to their visits. They are both extremely trust worthy, they are the only ones allowed in my house when I go away. They care for my 2 dogs and my chinchilla without a single problem. Absolutely LOVE Beyond Four Paws and will not be using another sitter ever!"

Jess and Bobby

January 2016

"Thanks to Beyond Four Paws Pet Services for watching after Bobby when I was away for business. I have now found my go to home sitter and daycare all in one. 10 out of 10 for sure!"

Nic, Erin and Kiwi

January 2016

"Thank you for watching Kiwi for us when we went ice climbing. We are grateful for your services and to be able to call you a friend. Thank you for taking such great care of Kiwi for us."

Johanne and Weezer

January 2016

"Thank you for taking care of my Weezer. I am happy to have found out about Beyond Four Paws Pet Services. Will be recommending you to friends and family."

Lucy and Kenneth

December 2015

"I used Beyond Four Paws for Christmas 2015. They came to my house, shoveled snow and took care of my fish. They are incredible with their reports they send and I couldn't be happier with the service. My husband wants them here all the time now so he can retire in peace he says. I will be continuing to use their services."

Aaryn and Ace

December 2015

"6 out of 5 star customer satisfaction and will recommend this service to everyone I know. Thank you for taking such good care of Ace. He is a handful sometimes and yet, I have never heard anything bad thing about him from this company. They understand his special needs and work with him in a positive manner. It is hard to find people that have the patience that they do with him. He loves Alex and when he sees her, he is all over her. Ace has as a muscle condition. He literally walks for 6 steps and drops down for a minute. This use to frustrate my old walker but Alex is patient with him and you can tell that the compassion in her is heart felt. She really cares."


November 2015

"This summer, I had Alexandra come each week to my house to water plants, cut the lawn, maintain the yard and check in on the house. She set up my light timers and when I can home the timers were on different lights to make it actually look as if someone was home. I appreciate her care and love for the work she does. I do not have any pets and still use this service. I will also be using her for my side walks and our lovely Calgarian snow issue. Thanks again."

Claire and Tails of The Misunderstood

November 2015

"Thank you to Alexandra for caring for Claire and her 6 pups for 4 weeks while I was unable to foster. These ladies are amazing and the compassion and love they give on a daily basis is noticed. Thought I would give you a shout out. You deserve it."

Joan and Bear

November 2015

"What can I say A+ service and love these ladies. Bear has weekly walks and nail trims, they watch my house when I am away and take care of the yard. I have not found any company comparable in service as they strive for the highest customer satisfaction and care for beloved pets. Bear was severely over weight and with the meal plan they put together for her, she is a healthier dog. Even her veterinarian gloats about it. I have used Beyond Four Paws for 2 years now and it was the best decision I could make. Benefits my Bear and my lifestyle. Well done ladies. Highly recommend them."

Monique and The Flock

October 2015

"We have 12 birds in sets of 2. We have never had their cages as clean as they were the week Alexandra watched them, spotless. They had fresh greens every day, water and food refreshed as if they were her own. Thank you for caring for my birds as if they were your own. This was my first vacation in over 9 years as I didn't trust anyone with them. By reading the reviews on her page and website, I was confident to leave my birds in her care. Thank you for all that you do with rescues as well. You are a phenomenal young lady. Cheers."

Josh and Lindsay

October 2015

"Thank you to Alexandra for taking care of our yard and home while we were in Spain. We will use you until me move to Spain (like 30 years from now). Ciao for now."

Nancy and Ollie

September 2015

"Ollie says he loves his Auntie Alex. Alex takes Ollie for 1 day a week as well as 2 days walking. He loves her so much that sometimes he doesn't want to come home haha. Thank you for your weekly love and care for my 'little' Ollie."

Cheryl, Robert and Booo

September 2015

"Thanks for watching my mom's cat when she was in the hospital. With having allergies, I was happy to be referred to your service. Thanks again."


2018 Logo Black.png

August 2015

"I was referred by my daughter to use this company when I went away for a couple months to the states. Alexandra took care of my lawn and home when I was away. I would recommend her to anyone."

Kassandra and Mr. Bubbles


August 2015

"Mr. Bubbles gets love and freshly picked crickets whenever Alexandra watches him. I wouldn't leave him with anyone else. Thanks for taking such amazing care of him when I am away."

Myrna and Chloe

August 2015

"Chloe is so happy when Alex comes for her walks. Being elderly, I am unable to walk her on a daily basis. Alex comes three times a week and cares for my lawn too. I have referred my family and friends as the service is spectacular."

Connie and Gracie


August 2015

"Thank you for watching Gracie for the week. She came back calm and looked fantastic. I suggest this service to anyone in the Calgary area."

Brittni and Jaxx

July 2015

"Working up north made me almost consider rehoming my puppy Jaxx, who is my baby. Without the in home boarding Alexandra provided, I don't know what I would have done. Her daily messages and true caring for the pets she takes in her care is beyond words. She is one of the best people I can recommend for your pets. She did basic training with him as well and he's a better dog because of it. Thanks again lovely lady for all that you do."

Nikko and Kaze

July 2015

"I can't thank Alexandra and Kelly enough! Kaze get his regular nail clippings as well as walks with them, Love the personal report cards weekly and messages about his walk progress. The one on one training they provide is great as well, Thanks ladies."

Maxine and El Macho

July 2015

"5 Star Service and Professionalism! Way to go! Keep up the great work. My plants were all alive and well when I returned home from 3 weeks away and my lawn never looked so good. Plus Macho was clean with no slime in his bowl."

Aaryn and Roma


June 2015

"Thanks for all that you do Alexandra! Roma has never been allowed to boarding facilities because of her breed but with you, it was over looked. She is so happy everyday that you come and walk her. She definitely jumps outta her skin. Will be definitely recommending Beyond Four Paws to my friends and family."

Margaret and Lina

June 2015

"Thanks for watching my Lina when I was away for my father’s funeral. She lost a pound which we've been trying to work on for months but had no guidance on. I am sticking to your nutritional plan as she has another 9 lbs to go. She is looking better than ever and we are forever blessed to know we have you to count on. She loves her weekly walks and is getting better and better with her lack of loving other dogs. Thank you so very much."

Spencer and Tails of The Misunderstood

June 2015

"When we don't have room for a dog in foster, we call Beyond Four Paws. Without them, Spencer wouldn't have a chance in finding his forever home".

Wanda, Luka and Lily

Luka and Lily.jpg

June 2015

"We started with Beyond Four Paws last year and I can not believe how well the dogs are walking together and with others. They have the best monthly walking plans by far. I appreciate the weekly feedback and walk reports as they want you to know any abnormal behaviors and praises they have gotten. I would recommend them to anyone who needs a walker, sitter or vacationer. My home is treated with the utmost respect and they are always on the top of their game. Thank you all so much".

Kristine, Macchi and Monroe

Monroe and Macchi.jpg

June 2015

"Macchi and Monroe love Alexandra coming to visit them three times a week. They get love and cuddles; I think she enjoys it more sometimes. Thank you for always taking great care of my cats".

Erin and Tommy


June 2015

"Thank you Alex for watching Tommy for the past month! The best service is the Live In as I knew Tommy would love for someone to be home during the night. He was groomed, loved and cleaned as if he was Alex's cat and that is what I love about Beyond's services. They treat your pets as family! Thanks again for all you've done Alex".

Zoe and Tails of The Misunderstood


June 2015

"When we don't have room for a dog in foster, we call Beyond Four Paws. Without them, Zoey wouldn't have a chance in finding his forever home".

Pat and Rotti


May and June 2015

"Rotti has suffered with weight issues for a few years as well as skin issues. With the care provided by Beyond Four Paws for the past month, Rotti has lost weight and skin looks incredible. They coached me afterwards on what they did so that I could keep up with it. Thank you all for taking such amazing care of him. He loves staying at his second home, with Beyond Four Paws."

Michelle and Suki


May 2015

"Suki just loved her in home boarding and so did I. I never had to worry about anything. With Alexandra living in my home, it gave me piece of mind for my Suekki and my home. She also took care of the homeless cat that I feed and shelter. She is an amazing person and Suekki just loved her to pieces. Even Monkey warmed up to her as he is so scared of people. Thank you so much for taking care and show love like I would".

Jess, Rick, Lola and Howard

Lola and Howard.jpg

May 2015

"Lola and Howard have the most fun for their walks with Kelly! She is just wonderful. She stayed at our house for almost 2 months when Rick had surgery. The dogs never looked as good as before. Thank you Kelly and Trista for all your hard work and time. You made these puppies into who they are today".

Lia, Luna and Bunny

April 2015

"Luna and Bunny were taken care of the best they've ever had. They were taken outside for play dates and they're cages came back cleaner than I dropped them off. Thank you Beyond Four Paws for  all your hard work, love and attention to these two babies of mine".

Alecia, Butter and Blackie

March 2015

"Blackie and Butter love Kelly so much that when they hear her on the phone, they start prancing around and whining haha. Kelly went above and beyond for Butter being a shy girl. When they say they treat your pets like family, they mean it! I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for amazing service and love for your pets".

Marie and Barney

March 2015

"Barney needed someone to watch him for a week while I was away so called Beyond Four Paws. They were exceptional and would recommend them to anyone".

Rosie and Jessie

February 2015

"I had to go away to work up north before I could do more research on a company to watch Rosey. When my girl friend recommended her friends company, I decided to go through them and couldn't be happier. They sent me updates everyday and have become part of our family. Thank you all for your help and love sharing".

Steph, Steve, Pickles and Diesel

February 2015

"While on vacation in Alberta, we had to leave abruptly due to an emergency. Beyond Four Paws was recommended and now we know why. They were fast, precise and provided exceptional services. Thank you for taking such great care of our two little ones. I could tell that they were loved and cared for as they are usually scared of people and didn't want to leave Alexandra's home. Thank you again for everything".

Wanda and Sophie

January 2015

"Sophie has went across rainbow bridge but when she was here, she loved going for private walks with the ladies of Beyond Four Paws. They took special attention to her needs being a senior and having medical issues. Without them, her quality of life would have suffered as she needed to be taken out three or more times a day and they accommodated that. Thank you once again for taking such loving care of her and thank you for the condolences".

Steven and Trix

January 2015

"Thank you Beyond Four Paws for spending the last 3 weeks with Trix. She has lost some weight and is continuing on her planned activities that you put together for her. Will be using your services on going and recommend you non-stop. Here she is on a walk through the yard and is still doing great. Thanks for everything".

Mrs. Lowery and Lucky

2018 Logo Black.png

December 2014

"I never thought Lucky would like his adventures as much as he does. I am an elderly woman whom just loves the services provided by Kelly and Alexandra. After breaking my hip, I called Beyond Four Paws Pet Services and they have continued to help me for the past year. Great service and a real care for the clients they have. I would recommend them to anyone who is looking for suburb service".

Monica and Elvis


September 2014

"Elvis is missing you and your gang. You did wonders in getting him to get comfortable right away. Thank you. He will be back. Your home stay was sure the best option for my timid Elvis".

Nadine and Sam

September 2014

"Beyond Four Paws was definitely the right choice for Sam".

Delaney and Barnaby

September 2014

"Barnaby just misses Alexandra like Crazy!!! He was very antisocial and after Alexandra was living in for the past week, he has come out of his shell. Thank you Beyond Four Paws for all you've done!"

Irene and Rolli

August 2014

"I would like to say a huge thank you to Alexandra for the last number of weeks. Rollie finally passed over to Rainbow Bridge on Friday August 8th. I am so grateful for all the time and support that you had shown Rollie and us in his final weeks. I honestly could not hire anyone else that had cared more for Rollie than you did. Thank you Alexandra and Beyond Four Paws".

Lillian and Rocky

August 2014

"Alexandra! What can I say! Thank you so much for taking care of Rocky when we were away on vacation. He was healthy and happy when we returned after a month and a half. Feeding him fresh, live crickets and worms that you picked up on our behalf from the store was a great service that I never thought we could get. I would highly recommend Beyond Four Paws as they actually are unlike the others!" 

Amanda and Gus

July 2014

"Alex took great care of Gus while I was on vacation. I think he was a little spoiled by her and our home was how we left it. Thank you so much Beyond Four Paws and Alex for the time, effort and care you have put into Gus and our home".

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